Fishy Tales

I hung out for a couple of days, getting to know the locals and watching the progress n the boats

Or what appeared to be lack of progress. I was finally told that there was the possibility of a boat due on Sunday which "might" be heading down to Maroansetra. Unfortunately that was five days wait for the vague chance of a boat that might be going in my direction. Although my months in Madagascar had seemed to stretch away endlessly, my time for leaving was approaching rather rapidly. I didnt have the luxury of time to wait for a boat that might not run.
I turned Suzi round and for the first time on this trip I retraced my steps, heading north, to get around the dense jungles of the north.

Riding through the markets

I ended up at another small coastal town

Down at the beach, the fishermen were bringing their catch ashore

They spotted me and brought them over

I pointed out they would be too big for my motorbike! They continued their search for a customer.

Laying them out to be admired

The colours are incredible

Having foud a customer, the guy then guts the fish at the edge of the sea.