Finding Some Dust

The next morning, the view from my window looked something like this...

A typical African scene.
I was on the shores of Lake Itasy, which is rumoured to have crocodiles in it, but this was the closest I got to seeing one

A photo in the hotel reception.

I headed off to find some local waterfalls, and was directed along a small track which got increasingly narrow and full of fesh fesh (bulldust).
I had assumed I was on the route that the bush taxis take, but there's no way that anything with four wheels used this track - and I'm sorry but I was having such a hard time riding that I didn't take any pictures at this stage. I had a couple of river crossings and then I was told I was heading the wrong way and had to go back again!
I found more people AND a proper bridge, I MUST be on the right track now

I finally got to the waterfalls, very dusty and sweaty

but still able to smile

It was like being at a smaller version of Victoria Falls, much smaller

I zoomed in with my camera at the white blob at the top to see this

A couple of ducks that looked like they're contemplating diving in!!

And yes, as I turned to go, here were the bush taxis arriving on the good road

I just had to try and follow this road out.

 I did come face to face with a crocodile

Luckily it was just in a bar, where I was having a well-earned cold .