The Final Frontier of Mud

A village stop for a cup of tea

The kids gathered to look at this strange foreigner covered in mud

their big sister turned up - wearing her school uniform, to the uninitiated, the uniform looks like a school dinner lady's overalls

Then back to the mud, where a local bike showed me an off-road route to get through

It was worsening, this lorry was completely stuck and no other vehicles could pass him

and what about this sight??

At one point, because the mud was so slippery, wet and claylike I spent 10 minutes coering 100 metres. The tyres were going every direction except forwards and I was beginning to think I may not make it to solid ground again.

The sun helped me and was drying out the tracks in places - this was one of the easy sections.

and then suddenly I was through - looking at the sun rapidly sinking I rode hard and fast in the hope of reaching a place that had accommodation before dark.
I lucked out and ended up at a small hotel, where after a bucket shower the bed needed some attention - despite my tiredness I found the mattress was too thin and so I had to fold it over double

The luxury bed option!