Final Days Riding Rapa Nui

Today I was mainly riding coastal

and the audience consists of...

A bird of prey (can anyone help me to identify it?)

and naturally some of these

Tropical trees covered in liana - those only one thing to be Tarzan impersonation

Loving the red dirt roads which remind me of so many other places I've ridden from PEI, to Madagascar and Australia.

I'm heading off to see these boys

and they deserve a sepia view as well

I'd gone to the most stunning row of Moai on the island

and was not disappointed.
Ahu Tongariki is the site of 15 heads in a row.

The area around the Moai is restricted so I had to do a bit of stealth off-roading to get a photo of me on the bike with the statues in the background. As usual, there was no-one around to take photos for me, so I used the self timer again.It was the most impressive row of Moai

I'd had fun looking around, but now it was time to have a final ride around the island. Houses that look like Scottish crofts - a hemisphere away

It was birthday party time at the house - Elias was celebrating his 40th

What can only be described as a bin full of food had been simmering slowly on the outdoor barbecue

The trees had been strung with lights, creating quite a psychedelic effect

A Birthday cake made an appearance

I didn't manage to stay awake until the end of the party, sloping off to bed around 2.00am - these Rapa Nui know how to party
In the morning, all was quite as I took the bike back to the shop

This is the front view of the house, not the shop!
Elias gave me a ride to the airport, his hospitality had been fantastic, and I was presented with a shell and feather necklace, which I didn't manage to find out what the significance of it is.

I looked a bit odd, going through security with this big necklace and my bike gear.

My lasting memories of this beautiful island are of the fantastic people who live there who are so generous and hospitable, and the wonderful sights from the incredible Moai to the beautiful sunsets.
I'd had a great evening's ride last night, making the most of the sunset