The Final Camp Spot

Most nights on this journey have been spent in my tent, which is my little home from home when I'm on the road. I love camping and now I was about to have my final night under canvas.

Dragging myself away from the great hospitality of Atlanta, I rode north and found myself passing through seven States in 24 hours (and I wasn't even trying to!). My small map book was struggling to cope.

I found a wonderfully green camping spot, I think I was in one of the Virginias.

I had mixed feelings as I put up my tent, looking around and making the most of being outside, enjoying the fresh air. I was getting towards the end of my trip (had you noticed that the East Coast and the Atlantic Ocean were getting closer?)

I was aware that this was going to be my final night in my tent (unless things went wrong), I cracked open my half bottle of wine and toasted Thelma and my tent drinking a nice Shiraz out of my enamel mug.