Extreme Chills

It's morning at 4200m

It's cold, the skies are overcast and it started snowing...yikes I've got a lot of miles to cover today. On a journey that usually takes people two days I need to complete in just one day. The guys who run the camp are still asleep as I start up the Enfield (the electric start wasn't so keen at this altitude and in the cold so I gave it a few kicks as well). I rolled out of camp and passed through the checkpoint.

The only witness to my heading up the mountain was this little fellow

A marmot.
I was heading up to Baralacha, which I'd had no problems with on the way up but it does have a notorious reputation in bad weather. The snow got heavier and heavier as I rode and I did start to feel a bit apprehensive. The usually quiet roads seemed even more empty his morning - maybe everyone had heard the weather forecast in Hindi and had chosen not to travel. While Mrs Blissfully Ignorant here was riding off into a maelstrom.

It was much snowier as I neared the top

I reached the tent chai stops and pulled up feeling numb and cold. Inside the tent, everything is blue due to the blue tarps that are used as a roof.

I sat in the corner and clutched my mug of steaming chai - doing my Ninja Coates impression wearing my thermal balaclava

The women were busy in the kitchen area

This woman was on stove duty and made me some parathas (flatbread stuffed with spice and lightly fried)