Exploits in the North West

Dog walking around the lake was a daily occurence

Temperatures are a bit different to my previous visit, same spot in winter

This blinged up gorilla followed me home from the Fremont Festival (preferabe to a naked man painted as a tree though)

and I decided not to share the following picture with my Mum...

Over to the Olympia peninsula to visit the nice people at Gerbing Heated clothing and to thank them as my jacket and gloves were an absolute lifesaver in Tibet last year

and then I got the ferry back to Seattle

Eating a meal, Korean style...

I'd been invited out by local Korean riders in Seattle, Karl Park and his friends, and what a feast it was

Hmm, maybe I should have done my hair first. I even risked the kimchi (very spicy stuff).

Many thanks to Karl and his friends for the great evening and fantastic food, for those of you concerned about the fish on the table..no, I didn't eat them! The following night I gave a talk at AltRider,http://www.altrider.combetween us we drew a great crowd and what an evening it was- it's a little-known scientific fact that the Q&A session is decidedly more interesting when a keg of beer has been consumed.A big thank you to Jeremy, Rhianna, Lucy and also Eric the long-suffering sound guy and button presser for a fab night.