East Coast

The day started peacefully enough, with watching this guy in the water, up to his neck in the lily pads

I'm not sure exactly what he was doing

Pulling up handfuls of roots and draping them over his makeshift raft.

The first river crossing of the day, with a mechanised barc

Watching what appeared to be the whole village in the water perilously close to the massive breakers

getting the fish in

Some dirt tracks (no tarmac for a while- or at least some days...no one ever seems sure) these were fun to ride

Then the first of the river crossings where the barc (barge) didn't appear to be operating

refreshments were on hand for those waiting

I was most disappointed to find that they had fish in them and so was she to find that I didn't eat fish as there were no other customers

However, there was an alternative to the barc

Yep, the good old double pirogue

although on closer inspection, this one didn't appear very seaworthy

I held my breath as they heaved Suzi onto it

Though actually, once we got going it didn't seem too bad