Diskit Monastery

The Monastery is up a steep twisty road (hmmm, thinking about it, that describes most places in Ladakh )

From above someone is watching us as we make our way up.

and then is somewhat surprised when he sees that we're female riders.

It's a very old monastery, built during the 14th century, and there is a peaceful air about the place, combined with great views through every window.

The monks make us welcome

and show us around,

local villagers are helping with some repairs to the walls

Once more, all the work is done by hand, with the women alongside the men- look closely and you'll see that one of the women even has her baby on her back.

through this window is another good view

Aaah, yes, THAT Buddha statue we'd seen the day before on our way into the Valley.

we headed back down to it, it's further away than it looks and so we get back on our bikes.

More twisty roads