Into the Deserts

Leaving the Rockies, I had lots of downhill and then out into the arid landscape of Utah

I met some riders from Tennessee who were horrified by the fact I was going to be camping rough that night- and even more concerned that I didn't have a gun

loving the landscapes and taking selfy pics as I ride - that's my Tiff patent sunshade made from a piece of card and sellotape

Each evening I was following the gravel tracks to find somewhere for my tent

finally finding a good place and having a humming bird dive bomb me as I put up the tent, time for a sunset portrait of me and Thelma


Hmm, a bit of a bad hair day I think.

Your amazing..

 Wow found you and your ride on ADVRIDER. Pretty cool to see you just hitting the road. Wish I had the guts to try it. Be safe. 

Your Shoei?

What happened to your old Shoei, the one that followed you everywhere?