Desert Life

Early morning and I could see my surroundings more clearly, it actually looks more like a building site than a tropical part of Africa.
I used the rest of the water in the bucket to have a quick wash

The cactus started to appear beside the track

and my only company at this point are the birds, I came upon a treeful of yellow headed hammer birds who weave intricate nests

The only other traffic I see apart from zebu carts are trucks like this one, a "camion-brousse", or bush truck, the only form of public transport which as you can see carry everything from people to commercial goods, somehow cramming it all in and on the truck.

The heat is intense and in an attempt to keep cool, I stop regularly to wet my gloves, t-shirt and also my trousers

Some respite in a village where the weekly market was taking place, people watching at its best as I sat in the shade eating rice and beans, and to my delight found a place that had semi-cold drinks