Desert Capers

It was time to head into the sand dunes

Like desert areas in most parts of the world, there are camels here (admittedly it seemed a bit odd as we'd been admiring the yaks just the day before). The camels here are Bactrian ones - with two humps which is very rare in Asia, only the single humped camels live in this part of the world. This random group have descended from strays from the Middle Eastern camel caravans which followed the Silk Road in Marco Polo's times.

There are some very cute ones

I found a particularly ugly but friendly one.

I climb on board, and with a bit of help get my Giant Loop bags on the back (are you reading this Harold?)

Safely up and feeling a bit more confident

and then I'm off on George the camel to explore a bit

Having been inspired by my ride on George, we headed towards our bikes