Dawn in the Desert

An early start found us bleary-eyed (or was that just the drinks from the night before?), in the hotel's rather rustic looking garage, getting the bikes out

The streets were quiet

as we headed out

The cactus on the edge of town standing sentinel

along a straight road

And into the desert itself

Where the waves of the Pacific wash up against the sand of the Nasca Desert

The early start had given us some respite from the intense heat and also meant the desert itself looked beautiful in the early light soon after dawn. We were headed south with the Pacific Ocean on our right.
Further on, the road started climbing

As we approached a series of incredible cliffs with a great road carved into the side, hundreds of feet above the ocean. In a motorcyclist's life a great road is one with curves, smooth tarmac and little other traffic.

We caught up with each other at various viewpoints