Cusco is a city with the most incredible history, evident even where the walls are crumbling

One of my favourite signs on this trip

Sotheby's selling in the Peruvian Highlands??

Processions are everywhere

Even coming out of the Irish pub

Random images from Cusco

Doesn't it put you off your bacon?

The group strike a pose

There's a lot to do in Cusco, 

shopping is a bit different from home

And then in the evenings there's often more choice, I was pleased to see Mama Africa's was still going strong (notorious Cusco night spot) though looking at other venues, a night like the one promised on this poster maybe takes a braver person than me

A United Nations of bars and restaurants are on offer, obviously as a bike traveller there's ony one place I CAN go and drink...

Norton Rats Tavern

It's a pub dedicated to motorbike travellers and one I always go to when I'm in town, since first getting to know the owner Jeff, on my first visit along time ago. Jeff was out of town(he's creating an incredible hotel for bike travellers in the north of Peru) but his wife and the staff made us welcome, it's been quite a few years since my last visit so to catch up I browsed through the Visitors' Book, I came across a veritable Who's Who in the World of bike travellers, amongst them, Lois Pryce's entry. I remember that date whilst she was in the Bar I was on the other side of the continent in Brazil

Friends' stickers cover the door- and here is Savas's sticker- the guy I met in LA and two days later was crossing Mexico with him on his KLR, having put it in my name at the DMV (long story involving the police but nothing illegal) and on a purely friends basis.

Dining options are numerous, I was disappointed to discover that the Hare Krishna Govinda restaurant wasn't there any more, but luckily I managed to track it down on a different side street- one of Peru's very few veggie restaurants outside of the major cities. While I tucked into tofu and veggies, my group were elsewhere enjoying delicacies such as this dish... guinea pig legs

To prove we were taking in some of the culture while in the historic city of Cusco, we dd some sight-seeing

Tempting though life in Cusco is, time to move on, the mountains and my bike are calling to me