Culture in Iowa

Moving swiftly on, I had a date to keep in Boulder, Colorado, meeting uo with fellow travellers.
Another overnight stop on the way with Ryan and Robin in Des Moines and an ecstatic reception from Jed the dog. What can I say Robin...your food was divine from the parmigiana for dinner to the french toast with homemade berry butter in the morning. It was difficult to drag myself away..
I'd better point out that we didn't just eat while I was there, we also did some cultural stuff It's true, Tiff did culture AND enjoyed it, take a look at these pictures
the city by night

a night tour of an unusual sculpture garden in the middle of the city, including this sinister-looking overcoat and the spiders lurking in the background

my favourite sculpture

and then I went inside and found my initials amongst the hundreds of combinations of letters that make up the structure (yep, it's THAT big)

I headed west across more states that are new to me including Nebraska, which in places was a bit dry looking

Then I reached Kansas, a lot of straight roads there as well, and are those storm clouds ahead of me?

Ignoring the clouds, I found a suitable spot to camp, it's a bit tricky in such a flat landscape trying to stealth camp, I thought that these agricultural machinery things were suitable to hide behind...others may feel differently!