Coastal Capers 2

Life is pretty simple in the villages along the coast, fishing and making boats seem to be the main occupations

Boats are used for transporting most things as the roads along the coast are extremely poor or non-existent. This was an entertaining bit of sea cargo, some sheep and goats being off-loaded

And then having to be dragged one by one to the shore

The women have a yellow mud pack type mask that they apply to their faces to protect their skin from the sun and the elements, for once I was a bit too chicken to try it

At first they look more like zombie faces.

It was time for me to get back on the bike,
first the zebu cart to get out to sea

then the speed boat to head back to Tulear

my R&R were over and I was starting to get concerned about the wet season starting in the north - everyone was shaking their heads when I said that I had left the north until the can't be worse than the east...can it