Chilly in Illinois

It was time to head north. I’d seen a flyer and been invited to this event which was sort of on my way, though I have to say with my kind of route planning, just about anywhere is “on the way”.

I was a bit late getting to the small town of Pecatonica, and struggled to find the main entrance to the showground, I asked around and a lad in pick-up truck offered to lead me to it. Further conversation ensued and I realised belatedly that he was taking me to the wrong event at the ground- a full-on motocross race was taking plac, and he seemed to think I was there to compete on the big 1200GS! I pointed out it was a different event altogether, and as soon as I saw the large pile of BMW cables I knew I was in the right place

Things were settling down for the night, so I quickly put my tent up and joined in with the socialising. I met plenty of nice people and luckily had brought my own food as this was the food option that evening

That's Sergei, originally from Russia, in charge of the BBQ. We had quite a good conversation about the lack of vegetarianism in Siberia!

The night was very cold, apparently down to freezing, although I was warm enough

a lovely sunny start to the day.

I headed indoors in search of breakfast and bargains

I got one of those small plastic covers for the swinging arm thing.

and then looked at the menu

hmm, not that many choices for me, intrigued, I asked about the Biscuits and Gravy, only to be told that there is ground meat in the gravy. They pointed me in the direction of the sweet rolls, and I've got to say, they looked great. I chose the one that looked the most healthy

I said my goodbyes and headed up along the banks of the Mississppi, briefly accosted at a garage while I was getting petrol by this bloke

He was VERY proud of his car, he'd had it since new and insisted I admire the engine

I'm not too good about car engines, but even I could read the 350 Horse Power and commented on it as well as complimenting him on what a clean engine it was!