Chai Stops

The Road Stallions had stopped for chai (tea) again

so I pulled up with them

One of the nice things about riding in India is everyone is riding an Enfield.

this car pulled up

noticing the bike on the roof (and the seats), I went closer

having a chuckle at the "Himalayan Off Road Rider" plate that's on it. It's definitely off-road if it's on the roof of a car.

another chai stop with those Stallion guys- this is "Auntie" in the middle- she serves the chai and chats non-stop.

In India, when you meet a woman you don't know in this sort of setting (serving food etc), she gets called Auntie - a habit I quickly picked up.

The guys headed off

A final problem for me before I reached Leh (capital of Ladakh)

yes, more grief from that rear tyre. I nursed the bike to this guy

who did a good job, while I watched his other customers

wandering at what point this guy will realise that it's Lefty Loosey he should be doing NOT Righty Tighty

Phew, he got it

My cold drink preparer was this young woman

she has a complicated long name, with Sherpa in it somewhere - she's Nepali and was closely watched by her grandmother