Canadian Capers

I arrived in the land of Mounties and Bears to a more mundane pastime

I was staying with friends and helped to mow their lawn

Thelma also needed a bit of attention, some of the dirt trails in Oregon had snapped part of the pannier rack- still using the old one at this point in case you're wondering...."Didn't she get a new one??"
My friend Grant accompanied me to the nearest welding place and did that Blokey thing of going in through the back door and approach the nearest welder who for a few bucks set to work

Possiblythe most high-tech welder that Thelma has ever seen.

Back to work Coates with more lawns to mow....

And then some time to socialise, I went to the Horizons Unlimited meeting where I met up with Miquel Silvestre

a Spanish bike rider who is going around the world, he had just shipped his bike into Vancuver from the Philippines.

He's on a mission to follow in the footsteps of the more obscure Spanish Explorers who ventured overseas in centuries past.
He has made several short films whilst on the road which are on YouTube and are worth watching, he's also a very entertaining speaker, here's his website

and then I spotted the strangest Mounties I have ever seen

More about those later