Call the Cavalry

When approaching a large muddy pool, I would look for the footpath around it, sometimes these are little more than a few inches wide and are themselves on slippery mud AND a slope.
On this one, well, I did not drop the bike, but the front wheel slid sideways into the mud.

And as it was one of the very deep pools, I was not going to try and accelerate out

So I got off and gently laid Suzi down to have a think about the situation. Possibly a female way of dealing with the something like this.

I then took the bags off, and attempted to get her upright again, first of all setting up the camera on a self-time mode, and so here is, over a 10 second period, me hoisting Suzi back to the upright position.

and the track ahead?? Well it looks something like this

and this, with a helpful young cyclist showing me the best route through