Cajun Hospitality

My wounds after I had demolished part of Bob's fence...

These were the only injuries I sustained this trip. Plucking up my courage I got back on (with Bob nervously taking a look at the damage to his fence!!)
This time I got it sussed, the bloody thing has NO clutch, my problem had been that I'd revved up and then kicked it into gear which meant it had shot off with me on it.
This time I took it more slowly and was soon sedately riding around the garden.

Then out on the river for a trip in the boat with Captain Bob at the helm,

he informed me that it's not a river, it's a bayou. Admiring the scenery,
though not all of it was picturesque, it was still interesting

Enjoying the peace and quiet of being away from the road and traffic, or at times going underneath the roads

And all while enjoying a nice glass or two of chilled white wine

Lots of reminders that we're in a french-speaking part of the world

I caught up with some old friends, who have a couple of vintage cars

Complete with genuine Vote for Hoover number plate from 1928

I found their town rules quite amusing, with fridge magnets telling them when they may or may not water their gardens

More socialising when Bob and Phyllis hosted a party for me, I loved the tortilla chips in a brown bag

We had quite a crowd

This was me at the end of the evening, "hoovering" up the leftover food and making sure the wine didn't get wasted (not realising that Bob had my camera and was gathering evidence!)

These Cajuns know how to party and the following night I had another social event- the Swamp Scooters Club Meeting, I've heard a lot about them and about their rally they host each year.
I couldn't have had a warmer reception and was welcomed to the club, I gave a talk about one of my overseas bike journeys which they enjoyed.
Here's a link about their next rally.

It's the Cajun Swamp Scooter Rally, this year it's on November 9th to 11th, near Lafayette. Unfortunately I won't be able to make they say in this part of the world
"Laisser les bons temps rouler"