Busy in Boise

I had travelled north through small town, cougar-filled mountainous California then Oregon and into Boise Idaho because Thelma was heading for some TLC at Happy Trail in Boise, which I learnt is NOT pronounced the french way but sounds more like "Boysie"Here she is in the workshop with Jeff taking a close look

Her front end has never been the same since the Mongolian Episode...

stripped down

does that look straight now???

calling in the reinforcements

and hey, presto, Thelma was so much straighter (and easier to ride) than before. Huge thanks to Jeff at Happy Trail.
Meanwhile, I was upstairs, giving a talk and presentation about my travels which was a lot of fun. Thank you to Tim Bernard at Happy Trail for inviting me to give my presentation and for arranging for giving Thelma so much workshop time and parts, a big hi to all the busy people at Happy Trail and  hello to Nevil from Plymouth/Canada whowas also presenting about his upcoming 2013 charity ride from my house (I kid you not) and around the world with his brother.And also a big thanks to Tim's wife Sherri as well as they put me up at their house for a couple of days.