The Big One - Macchu Pichu

 Possibly the most eagerly anticipated sight in South America- Lost City of the Incas...Macchu Pichu

We were staying in a village called Ollantaytambo, last train station on the track. We had an early morning start and wandered down to the station to see our train waiting. Almost all the tourists arriving at Macchu Pichu do so by train - it's still an isolated citadel perched on a mountain top, they have yet to put in a motorway!!!

Peru Railway's finest

We had seats near the front and so had a great view

Sometimes, you don't always want a good view when you see this approaching and you know that it's a single track rail line...

There was seatside service

We got off the train, onto a bus, then climbed a hill, rounded the corner...

and there it was

It's been quite a few years since I last made it here - that was on foot after five days of walking and camping on my own. (Hmm, maybe I should see if I can find one of my old photos from that trip and scan it to reproduce here)

this time, I've got the group with me and things have been smartened up a bit.

My Dad upon seeing this next picture, enquired if I was in a Knobbly Knee Competition.

Lots of stone walls...

Llamas have been introduced,

but were a bit over-friendly at times

this shot would make a great caption competition

There's a small tropical garden area, where we were lucky enough to spot a hummingbird

A final goodbye from us all as we left this incredible place