Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Trying to avoid some of the water, I head off the track, this is a picture from the "main road" where I'm standing in the water looking at my bike

The landscape keeps changing from moorland to tropical with palms

Amazingly I come across evidence of construction, however, the bridge is not ready yet and I have to detour around it

I paused to get a standing picture of me and Suzi but the plant holding the camera wouldn't cooperate and dipped down as the photo was taken.

Little was I to know that this would be the last of the smiles for a while.

My surroundings started to look like Scotland

The "road" turned to rock and became very steep, I managed to stop and even get a photo of the bike that almost manages to show how steep the slope was.

You can see the blur on the camera lens- yep, it had started to rain, just what I didn't need as ahead of me is a steep downhill to a river at the bottom and NO other way around - I'm scared (and I'm definitely no longer smiling)

Here is the view looking back at the slope

Gingerly is the word for how I rode it, I turned Suzi downhill and just let her go, the rain wasn't helping, the surface was slippery and as I got closer I could see just how fast the water was running. Absolutely no chance of stopping to get a closer view of the river or the rock.

But I made it
Up to the top of the next hill, where this unusual rock caught my eye

I even managed a smile for a selfy