Back in the USA

 Having completed all the lawn-mowing and pasty-making, it was time to ride south after heading north for the last few weeks. I would have liked to spend more time in beautiful British Columbia, there's a lot to see and enjoy there, and I have previously crossed it south to north as well as west to east on Thelma but although I may be ambling through America, I am on a bit of a schedule this time.
Once more another grilling at US Immigration as I re-entered- as well as being told off for going through the "Documents Ready" lane- huh  Apparently this lane is only for people who have special ID cards that can be computer scanned- the guy was not impressed with the Brit rolling up with her passport AND on a foreign registered bike! An hour later I've convinced them I'm not THAT dodgy Tiffany Coates AGAIN (see earlier in this blog) and I'm through once more, to be greeted by all the signs for cheap petrol in the land of opportunity...and what's this?? Cheap butter as well by all accounts. Apparently it's much cheaper in the US and lots of Canadians buy their dairy products south of the border.

A steady ride got me to THE place to be in Seattle on a Friday night...

The George and Dragon pub where they'd been tracking my progress via my website and had a pint of beer ready for me. My host for the next few days (looking like he's behind bars in the pub car park!!)

Mick Vallantine from Vallantine Motorworks- an independent BMW specialist

He's a Brit I've known for years, since the Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego trip Thelma and I did 10 years ago.

Leaving Thelma in safe hands, so I could have a couple of drinks, the evening ended with some Tiff Coates Travel Tips

1) How to let yourself into someone's house when you don't have the key

Yep, that's right, just crawl through the dog flap- using a good deal of persuasion and pushing, I managed to get Bill through this particular dog flap (Yanks call them doggie doors!)

The next morning was a working day and so it was a morning commute wth the push bikes, dog and Mick with his coffeee in hand...

A bloke who can multi-task