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Early morning Arequipa and all is peaceful. Which is good as we have a complicated route through the one way system to negotiate and sometimes it's just a lot simpler to go down the wrong way...simpler?? sometimes it's impossible to find your destination without doing something like that

These colonial places seem to share an aversion to tarmac.

Out of town, not a cloud in the sky, so a good day for riding, we head up some steep hills
I enjoy looking at the graphics that are used on signs in other countries

On this one, the car reminds me of the Anthill Mob car in the Wacky Races cartoon

Crossing the desert that surrounds Arequipa, we see more of these shanty towns, ramshackle huts scattered in small settlements on the dry earth.

Again we see the importance of the small rivers that flow here, they are the only source of greenery. Approaching this river valley there is also a splash of colour on the ground

Something is scattered, drying in the sun

Even this close, I'm still not sure what it is...maybe chillies?