It's a long journey to Madagascar.
And straight away everything looks and feels different

That was the view from the taxi. The taxis are easy to spot, they're all beige and almost every one is an old French classic complete with holes in the floor where I could see the ground passing by

Scenes from the local market

The view from my room

The dogs I was sharing the house with

As soon as possible I headed to the bike shop, they're selling me a Suzuki DR 350, which looks good - not that I'd know if it wasn't looking good! It's going to be ready on Monday so in the meantime they said I can borrow something else for the weekend. I've got this Suzuki 250cc (at least I think that's what it is!)

the guys at Motostore Madagsacar have been really helpful and friendly.
Here I am, getting ready to set off.