We'd ridden a long way that day along the coastal road and finally with Misti Volcano in our sights we had arrived at the legendary city of Arequipa - the White City. We'd battled through the traffic, roadworks and general chaos to find our hotel.
And then there was one more job for me to do...
One of my tasks as guide is finding suitable secure parking - oh yes, it's not just Thelma to worry about, on a trip like this 10 top notch BMW bikes need a bit more security than my 22 year old warhorse.
I find an enclosed parking area, negotiate with the attendant - they enjoy the fact that
a) despite all these blokes, a woman is negotiating
b) my Brit accent when speaking in Spanish
they're not so fond of my keen nose for a bargain, after so many years of travelling on a miniscule budget, I don't go for soft deals.

Then I direct and help get the bikes squeezed into the smallest area possible, in some of these towns, space is at a premium and we have to pack the bikes in quite tightly.

Bikes parked and safe, I headed back to the hotel where the group were already relaxing over a few beers

They had taken over the hotel reception area (and what an amazing hotel)

Bike gear everywhere, we sat back and shared ride tales and photos from the day

As the sun finished setting, I took some photos from the hotel rooftop terrace before heading out for dinner

The volcano looks peaceful enough so maybe we won't be woken by a midnight eruption.

The restaurant was great, it's a carnivore's paradise, numerous different types of meat are served on red hot griddles that are spitting hot fat so they dished out bibs for all.

Ostrich, llama, alpaca and other exotic meats were on offer, as the meat eaters tucked in,

I was actually enjoying one of the finest meals I'd had this whole trip, yep, the meaty place did good veggie food as well