Aquatic Armaggedon

Early morning and we're on the road, continuing northwards and with the dreaded Baralacha La ahead of us (the scene of my high altitude blizzard ride).

To the group's delight it wasn't all gravel tracks- we did have some nice tarmac as I'd promised them

The checkpoint guy was very helpful and friendly, though he seems to have a problem smiling for the camera - he's based in a tent next to the road

There are even signposts/stones

And then it was Armaggedon - we'd reached the river crossings, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves..but rest assured that NONE of my riders dropped their bikes in the water - well done team

Barbara takes the full-steam ahead approach to any water

Another rider had a few problems and I waded in to help out

One of the scary things is the way that the other traffic didn't even pause - it ploughed on through, just a few feet from the fallen rider in fast-flowing water

And then the pillion riders appeared - as I'd walked through, I shouted advice about how strong the water was flowing and not to underestimate it

And then waded in to help them as they were in danger of being swept away.

The end result being...

Boots full of water