Animal Magic

I promise, no more boats for a while

we're now back on the road with a vengeance, except it's not much of a road, lots of sand and it's often rutted which is not fun, I drop the bike - one of those slow motion drops, my sister is more surprised than anything and she's also surprised at how tricky it is to pick up a bike in sand. I didn't take a picture as:
a) It was swelteringly hot
b) her foot was trapped under the bike
c) I didn't want to damage sisterly relations as we've got to spend a couple more weeks together on the bike

the tracks are pretty empty, we start to see our first Baobab trees

there are few other road users

we spot another motorcyclist but quicly agree he probably is NOT another overlander unless he's an Action Man role player

I love the zebu carts

It's getting late and we stop at a forest reserve for the night, staying in the dorm. To my surprise a large cat appears at the door and then I realise it's got a very long tail and actually it turns out to be a fossa - supposed to be one of the most difficult to spot animals in Madagascar and here it is almost walking in on me getting changed.
Grabbing my camera I follow it into the woods

It looks a bit fierce so I don't try to get too close.

Hot on the heels of doing my David Attenborough impression we head into the woods properly for a night walk with a guide

the guide proves excellent at listening to the forest noises and pointing his torch in the right direction

however my camera skills and the distance from the animals as they either hide or move quickly means that I haven't got much worth showing here but I do have a lot of good memories from the fat-tailed lemur tot he little mouse lemur and even this mongoose

followed by these little fellows

The Giant Jumping Rat- it looks fine from the front - like a rabbit, but then it turns and its got the scaly tail of a rat - yuck and yes they DO jump and they move very quickly.