And then there were two...

My sister flew in from England to join me for three weeks, this was us at the airport, despite the long flight she's still got a smile on her face 

 She arrived with a laugh and sense of adventure, more importantly, she arrived with very little luggage

Day one on the road and she's got the hang of the picnic lunches

Accommodation-wise we started off gently, just take a look at this place or should I say palace?!

It cost us about £10 between us for the night. We're up on the second floor so I'm hoping that the flying cockroaches won't reach us!!

We're using the local rickshaws to get around, no bike, just a bloke on foot running through the streets in his barefeet.

she's got a good sense of humour and enjoyed it all.

A chameleon was spotted in the road

He tried to leg it, but we were onto him with our cameras

She (sister NOT chameleon) likes bird watching, and spotted a Madagascar Hawk

Meanwhile I'm riding around enjoying a bit of off-roading


Ann says you both look exactly the same as she remembers. "never changed, have they?"
Be good.

Growing Up

It's true, I seem to have the same hairstyle that I had when I was eight!!