Ampanihy Village

For some reason, I'd been feeling unwell most of the day and didn't want to push myself too hard on what is notoriously a "road" with difficult conditions. I was having regular breaks and stops when I could - parking up by the side of the road and eating mangoes- my favourite fruit and they were now in season.
This lone cyclist passed during one such break

I'd taken this picture as well to show that I was back in muddy conditions, thankfully not as wet as the east coast and also a very different colour.

The sun was getting low as I arrived into a large village, the children gathered excitedly around my bike,

once I got my camera out, others started to arrive

This was the biggest and grandest building I had seen since leaving Fort Dauphin two days earlier

A surreal sight after the bare desert I'd been riding through, and also a surprise as my Lonely Planet guidebook described this particular village as "looking like it had suffered an air raid" - that wasn't the impression I had from the village and I wondered if the guidebook author had actually been there!

An African sunset