The Altiplano

 Time to leave the Lake behind, we're now crossing the Altiplano, it's a high altitude plateau that covers a vast area in South America.

We left town as a group and a few miles further on as I look over my shoulder, this is my view of them riding behind me

Ahead, the traffic is light including this guy who is perilously weaving around with a bicycle on the back of his scooter

He was esasier to overtake than these guys, four trucks in convoy. all with giant tyres on them

As she rides behind me, Simona takes a pic- it's one of those photos that goes in the category of "Don't tell my Mum" as I'm riding one handed taking the photos

We're well and truly in the Andean Highlands, where people are in traditional clothing and llamas are everywhere, even harrassing motorbikes.

I preferred the look of this little one

Some people get closer to them than others

A short break for an empanada - South America's answer to the pasty

At the garage as I was getting petrol, these two came over for a closer look at the bike

with the shorter one asking if he could sit on it

To my relief he was unable to get it off the side-stand. And then they left, without asking for a single bribe- my first ever encounter with Peruvian police where no money was demanded.

Soon after the garage, we caught up with THOSE lorries again, no chance of getting past as they managed to gridlock a whole town whilst each lorry negotiated its way through the narrow streets.

Our destination for the day - Cusco, party central for South America and an amazing town in itself, my home from home in this part of the world.