Almost There

I wasn't far from Tana (the capital and the end of my journey), when I had another flat tyre, I managed to get to the local tyre guy where as usual a crowd soon gathered

With the tyre fixed, I headed into the city, lunch was cooked by this woman-

veggie fritters and here she is making up more batter using her hands and adding water from the rather dirty plastic jerry in front of her - regardless, the food was delicious.

A night in a comfortable hotel and I caught up with some friends, this is Lalau catching a lift to the market.

I enjoyed the vivid message this sign had:

However it was a precursor of what was to come, minutes later on my final ride of the whole trip, whilst riding along this road,

a car pulled out in front of me - ouch

to be honest the car was far worse off than me

Number plate ripped off, some scrapes and is that a nasty hole ripped int he body work??

While Suzi and I did not have a mark on us.

The best part about it was the traffic police -

a glamorous young women with what appeared to be rhinestones decorating her hat. She was a bit shy about having her photo taken.
She was also surprised at how I didn't want to press charges - the driver had admitted he was completely at fault and was also very profuse in his apologies.
I took Suzi back to the shop to sell her and told them about the accident - they had a good look but couldn't find any damage on Suzi either.
What a final adventure to have, in all my years of riding, I have never had any sort of collision with any other vehicle.

It was a touching moment saying goodbye to Suzi and handing the keys over to the mechanic

I then dashed back inside as I'd spotted another bike

A Royal Enfield - and how appropriate as my next journey is going to be crossing the Indian Himalayas on a Royal Enfield 500cc bike.