Adventure Summit

Past coal mine and animals that were running away in the bushes, I wasn't pausing long enough to get a better look

Over even more mountain ranges and down the other side passing lake-filled scenery that was more reminiscent of Switzerland and certainly not what I expected in desert-filled Utah

I was riding hard to get to the BMW Dealership in Salt Lake City, as they had a part on order for me - just a lock for my pannier where someone had thoughtlessly run me off the road- luckily that was the only damage.

I made it in time, and had a chance to chat to some of the staff, a friendly bunch, one of them is from Cornwall- hello Lee if you read this.

I had even put on my clean shirt for the occasion, as you can see
It was then a short hop, skip and a jump over the final mountain range to my destination for the next few days- except that the staff at the dealership weren't even too sure if the mountain pass was open, rumour had it that there was still snow on it, I was determined to give it a try and set off looking for the elusive dirt trail out of Salt Lake City- after so many dirt roads already, I was determined not to have to resort to the Interstate.
Finding the trail was hard, there were no signs and I had to backtrack a lot until the Mormon Boy Racers of SLC jumped to my rescue in their sporty little car with the funny exhaust and led me to it. I haven't got any pictures of this final gravel route as the sunlight was fast disappearing and it was bitterly cold, particularly as I ascended the summit.

It was late by the time I finally reached the Adventure Summit at Tooele, they'd just about finished serving dinner, however, I was in luck as a welcome sight awaited me

A ton of fresh vegetables with dipping sauces, I was in seventh heaven as I tucked in, answering questions about my off-road routes to the event.

The next day we attempted the Pony Express off-road route over the hills, but some incredibly cold and wet weather had blown in with me, the temperature plunged towards zero , it was raining on us but we could see the snow falling on the mountains ahead of us, we reluctantly had to call it a day for the ride-out and headed back.

Our unlikely camping spot was right next to the track where they were holding the World Superbike Races, I headed over to watch them with Thelma.

I managed to get a picture next to the track, with a bemused security guard looking on, unfortunately I didn't have my camera on me later as I sat on the grass next to the Grandstand (riff-raff entry ticket for me) and watched Max Biaggi racing- that bloke is a legend. I had a great spot, right next to the track, close to the run-off lane for pitstops.

I can't believe I also didn't manage to get a picture of the lush green grass we were camping on (I bet someone reading this did though?), it was a stark contrast to my camping spots over the previous week. We were next to the Utah State Fire Fighters' Museum, the meals were eaten in a large room, filled with antique fire engines

All under the watchful eye of Dave, a former FF himself, who kindly let me clamber around on some of them and even posed for a picture with me

Having a wander around, I found the not-so-subtle US Marines recruiting tent, complete with chin-up competition taking place, couldn't resist getting a picture with it all in the background

The next day we headed out to the course where we went through our paces on the motocross track

Thelma didn't let me down, although I chickened out of some of the steeper rocky sections.
We also had to go around a race-course

At the close of all the competitive riding, the points were totted up, some being awarded for adventurous routes being ridden to the event, which I scored fairly well on.
There was a trophy-laden table, and Ian Schmeisser, the event organiser handing them out.

I was amazed to hear my name called out, I had won something and went up to receive my trophy

And proudly joined the line-up of winners

This was my favourite picture from the weekend

I'd like to thank Ian who organises the Adventure Summit events, Tracy who has the thankless task of being score-keeper, all the volunteers including Gale and Sandy and also my fellow competitiors for what was a fantastically friendly and fun weekend .
Roll on the next one.