4th July

So, what did I participate in...??

It might not look like the most dynamic of sports, but the tension was high as I lined up (sole international entrant) for the coin tossing event. I may not have been a prize winner, but I didn't let my nation down.
This was followed by the water balloon tossing, in which we made it to the quarter finals, you can tell from the wet t-shirt who was the more skilled at catching the balloon

Having failed to make the winners' podium at any of the events in this small town of just 110 people, I retired to the town hall where I assisted witht he catering activities, they weren't letting this vegetarian near any actual cooking so I helped to open the tins of beans (which I couldn't help noticing all had meat in them).

In time honoured fashion, the festivities ended with people sitting in the back of their trucks watching the fireworks